Uppada Sarees

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Uppada Silk Sarees, named after a village in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh is a light-weight silk saree weaved in traditional Jamdani looms.
Jamdani is a Persian weaving technique that was brought to Uppada from Bangladesh, where it originated. This technique suffered a decline in the early 19th century due to the Industrial Revolution, while the machine-made jacquard technique gained popularity.

In 1988, however, Ghanshyam Sarode, a textile designer, brought the Jamdani technique to Uppada and the Padmasalis (the weaver community) weaved their local flavor into it, making it unique to their region. But it took about a decade for the technique to be recognized by the government. Now, Uppada silk sarees are gaining popularity for its elegance, simplicity and light weight. The common motifs used in Uppada/Jamdani sarees are lotuses, peacocks, flowering vines, pheasant birds, parrots and mainas. The sarees use zari that is silver or gold dipped in silver. Each saree typically uses 100x100 threads per square inch. It takes two weavers 8 hours a day for 10-60 days to weave one Uppada silk saree.

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