Patola Silk Sarees

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Patola Silk Sarees primarily come from the Patan village of Gujarat and are woven with a special silk called the Patola Silk. The word Patola means 'Queen of Silks'. The silk is resist dyed with an elaborate technique before it is woven into delicate patterns. The dyeing technique is of two types - Single Ikat and Double Ikat. The Single Ikat also known as the Rajkot Patola is vertically resist-dyed whereas the Double Ikat, also known as Patan Patola is horizontally resist-dyed and reversible. These sarees, due to their intricate work, take 4-6 months to make and is highly priced as a result.

The preference of these sarees change from community to community. The Hindus and Jains wear Patola sarees with motifs of parrots, flowers, elephants and dancing figurines; the Muslims wear those with geometric and floral designs whereas the Maharashtrian Brahmins wear special Patola sarees called Nari Kunj with women and bird motifs teamed with a plain dark colored body.

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